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Be careful

Great system but be careful to get the mop head tight in the slots of the mop head or the stitches will tear out and no longer work with the bucket.

Pretty awesome gadget

I am very impressed with this device.
It helped me to clean my (OK, a little neglected) shower literally in minutes, without getting on my knees and without scrubbing. The conical corner brush is the key to success: it gets inside corners other brushes can't and it makes all the difference.
This unit is very/extremely well made. It's a teeny-tiny bit on a heavy side, but the quality of materials is superb. I would have designed it a little different, making the entire handle telescopic, but overall this is a great product: well engineered, very ergonomic, and very effective. 10+ in my book (and I'm a tough judge :).

So much easier than wringing by hand

This mop made mopping the floors so much easier. I bought it for the kid, so he doesn’t have a reason to complain that he can’t reach the sink or lift the bucket. Or doesn’t know how to wring or doesn’t have enough strength for it. But even when I use it, I see how much different and easy it is to mop the floor. There’s a magnet that snaps the part with the mop in place to fit it into the hole. And the rinsing and wringing is easy-peasy. They should sell it in stores!

The Mop I've been waiting for!

This is a GREAT system that works perfectly for my house. The heads work perfectly! I can mop easily without a big production. I can see the grime come off of the floor and go into the water! The system helps the heads not be too wet so I can get the floors cleaned. The handle breaks down and can be stored inside the bucket system. I am thrilled with this product!

Satisfied Customer

I’m enjoying the mop bucket combination. It works better some other mops I’ve tried.
I would recommend this product.

Haven't used it yet

I had surgery the day before receiving this so have not had the opportunity to use

Santa Barbara

One of the best things I have purchased in years. Honestly, I have always hated the chore of cleaning our bathrooms and this has fixed that! No more bending and reaching and getting on my knees for tricky areas. Love this product. It arrives in a box that can be reused to always store the items and packaging of the product for mailing is superb - this storage box was inside another outside heavy duty mailing box so it arrived very safe and without damage. Needless to say, I am impressed with Natural Klein.


This mop is a game changer!! It’s lightweight, practically drives itself, angles into tough spots, basically does all the work for you! Wish I had this years ago!!

The mop works great It doesn’t leave streaks on my tile floor like everything else has I would definately recommend this

P2 Electric Spin Scrubber
great cleaning tool

I'm a bit older than some and this scrubber is ideal for cleaning shower, tub, sinks and more. I'm really anal about cleanliness and this tool hits all the marks.


I used the cleaner for the first time today. I have trouble standing so I sat on my stool I use in the kitchen. It has wheels so I could just move along as I cleaned the floor. It was Great! I loved using it and the floor was so clean. I am grateful for this product.

Best mop ever

I am very pleased with how well this system works

Mop and bucket

Works as advertised and I am very satisfied.

A dreaded chore is now a pleasure

Being a detail person I was pleasantly surprised when the floor cleaner cleaned right up to the base-boards and under the kitchen cabinets. It is easy to use, does an excellent job, saves a lot of time, and I love it. Wish I would have known about this floor cleaner years ago.

P2 Electric Spin Scrubber
Catherine Di Gerlando
Easy to clean

Makes cleaning easier
The device is very durable and flexible to fit any situation
Thank you for making this easy

better than a swiffer

We were using the swiffer mops daily sometime 3 or 4 times a day. That gets super expensive. This is the best mop. I haven't stopped using since i received it. I have kids and animals and it is nice to fill in the AM and then drain at night. With two mop pads I can use one while the other is washing love it. CLEAN FLOORS! Wish it came in a blue top like the scrubber thing but that is a minor concern.

Great product

Love this mop! Great engineering and great cleaning. Highly recommended.

Absolutely love this mop.

So far this mop is doing everything I needed in a mop. Great design, easy carrying, love the metal handle, materials are of quality plastic. Very durable. I would recommend this to anyone and would buy again if needed.


I never have to touch water nor bend over I love it

Excellent Mop and Bucket

I never thought a mop would become such a big deal, but after putting vinyl flooring throughout the downstairs, and living on a farm and having 2 dogs and 2 cats . . . well, I really needed a good mop! I had thought that my requirements for a mop were simple:

1. washable mop head (to eliminate waste and the need to constantly buy replacement heads);
2. cleans well (gets into corners and picks up dirt);
3. the ability to wring water out of the mop head, so that the floors don't get sopping wet; and
4. durable

But every mop/bucket that I bought didn't work. Either it was impossible to wring water out, or the mop head just pushed water around on the floor, or the entire mop and/or bucket would break after only limited use.

So I confess that my hopes were not very high when I purchased the S1 Self-cleaning Mop. But I thought I might as well give it a try, as it was at the same price point as other mop and bucket systems, and it couldn't be any worse, right?

So much for doubts -- this mop and bucket have out-performed all the others combined! Seriously!

There was no fussing about when it came to putting it together. I just screwed the mop handle together and it was ready to go. The bucket is easy to fill and it's upright shape means that it takes up less space and fits more easily in my laundry tub and even fits easily in the kitchen sink. The bucket is also really easy to empty, whether I use the built in drainage plug or just open the top and pour the water out.

The mop is phenomenal! It easily cleans the floor, gets right up against baseboards and under appliances and furniture, and it is designed so that I can apply a little more pressure when I am trying to get a mark off of the floor (unlike the string mops). The swivel head also makes this extra easy to use.

The two compartment bucket is genius. It is easy to slide the mop into the wet side of the bucket, rinse off the mop head, then slide the mop into the dry side of the bucket and squeegee out as much water as I want. Fast and easy!

The mop pad can be thrown into the wash, but so far I have just washed it by hand. It only takes a minute and I just hang it over the side of the bucket to dry and it is ready for its next use.

Because of it's upright design, the bucket takes up less floor space and fits more easily into my mudroom. (I had one of the Hurriance Spin Mops before, which took up a lot of space and was constantly breaking.)

The only thing left is to see if this mop and bucket last. Both the mop and bucket appear to be strong and I am hoping they will be durable. I have had them less than a month, but have used them a lot. So far, so good. My friends think I am obsessed, but I have already recommended this product to several friends with pets.


Love it. Wish I could have found it sooner.

There were no direction included don't don't know how it goes together or how to use it. That's the craziest thing . I guess. I'll return it since I don't know what to do with it. Sad

P2 Cordless Power Scrubber

Love it

I have a lot of back and knee problems. This product definitely helps with those issues. I still get a little back pain when I use it but nothing like when I do it myself. Buy this product, it is worth it!

Love them! Glad I bought 2!! Cleaned white plastic fencing with great ease! My friend and I worked together on it! Reasoning behind the second order, lol