S1 Self-Cleaning Mop User Guide

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Step One

As illustrated, connect the grip, mop handle, mop head and twist tight.

Step Two

Locate the three tabs found on the mop head and insert them into the corresponding slots found on the microfiber cloth.

Step Three

Fill the bucket with water up to the water level line. Do not over-fill the bucket.

Step Four

Collapse the mop head as illustrated.

Step Five

Place the mop head into the wash slot of the mop bucket and move the mop vertically up and down several times to rinse the dirt and grime off the microfiber pad.

Step Six

Insert the mop head into the dry slot of the mop bucket. Slowly push down the mop and then left up to excess water out of the mop. Repeat until the map has the desired dampness.

Step Seven

When done mopping, open the water outlet on the bottom of the bucket to empty or dump the water directly into the sink and rinse.

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