S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set

S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set

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The S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop is a two-stage system that includes a wet and dry compartment. Eliminate waste and the need for multiple cleaning products by simply determining the level of moisture needed for your cleaning task.
Wet or Dry Usage
Can be used either dry or wet. Ideal for cleaning any hard surface in your house. Use it while damp for a thorough cleaning on hard floor surfaces, or use it dry for dusting furniture, walls, mirrors, televisions and other hard surfaces.
Smart Cleaning
Disposable pads are wasteful and expensive. Our microfiber pads ensure a deeper clean and last hundreds of machine wash cycles. Each mop comes with a multi-surface pad as well as a non-sensitive pad for hard scrubbing.
Moisture Control
Equipped with a unique built-in squeegee, our self-cleaning flat mop removes embedded dirt, hair, and debris while maintaining moisture in the microfiber pad. Use different levels of dampness - from dry sweeping to moist mopping.
Works On Any Hard Flooring
Gently clean and care for all hard surfaces including including tile, stone, sealed wood, oiled/waxed wood, PVC and laminate flooring with the sensitive multi-surface pad or tackle tough to remove grout with the non-sensitive pad.
Key Features

Wet Compartment

Inserting the mop into the 2.1 gallon reservoir removes dirt, hair and debris while dampening the microfiber mop pads with water and cleaning solution.

Dry Compartment

 A unique built in squeegee controls the moisture retained in the microfiber pad. Simply insert and remove the mop less or more to control the pads dampness.

Two Unique Microfiber Pads

Sensitive and non-sensitive microfiber pad options designed for specific cleaning surfaces. Machine wash safe and washable up to 300 times.

* do not use non-sensitive pads on sensitive stone tiles like marble, sandstone and limestone.

Drain Plug

Rubber drain plug built in to the bottom of the bucket. Rinse out and empty the wet and dry compartments in seconds to save overall cleaning time.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Julia F
So much easier than wringing by hand

This mop made mopping the floors so much easier. I bought it for the kid, so he doesn’t have a reason to complain that he can’t reach the sink or lift the bucket. Or doesn’t know how to wring or doesn’t have enough strength for it. But even when I use it, I see how much different and easy it is to mop the floor. There’s a magnet that snaps the part with the mop in place to fit it into the hole. And the rinsing and wringing is easy-peasy. They should sell it in stores!

KM Merriwether
The Mop I've been waiting for!

This is a GREAT system that works perfectly for my house. The heads work perfectly! I can mop easily without a big production. I can see the grime come off of the floor and go into the water! The system helps the heads not be too wet so I can get the floors cleaned. The handle breaks down and can be stored inside the bucket system. I am thrilled with this product!

Franell Musser
Satisfied Customer

I’m enjoying the mop bucket combination. It works better some other mops I’ve tried.
I would recommend this product.

Katherine Wagner
Haven't used it yet

I had surgery the day before receiving this so have not had the opportunity to use

Kathy Porter

The mop works great It doesn’t leave streaks on my tile floor like everything else has I would definately recommend this


Bucket Weight 3.44 lbs
Mop Weight 1.13 lbs
Bucket Dimensions 13" x 9" x 17"
Mop Dimensions 50"
Water Reservoir Capacity 2.1 Gallons
Drain Plug Yes
Cleaners/Solutions See recommendations
Designed in United States
Manufactured in China
Ships from United States

What’s Included

S1 Self-Cleaning Flat Mop
Multi-Surface Microfiber Pad
Non-Sensitive Microfiber Pad

We’ve got you covered with a 1-year limited warranty. Replacement is free, you just pay shipping.  Learn More